About Us

Who We Are

We’re a small group of automotive industry professionals and enthusiasts growing a media company. Would you believe us if we told you Auto Mentality all started as a small car blog on Facebook? True story.

We’re based in the Washington, DC area, which gives us access to a massive East Coast car scene.

IMG_5176David “A.J.” Bilger, Publisher

David’s vehicle experience dates back to the Land Rover Series III excursions he went on as a child in southern Africa. A love of tough, “go anywhere” vehicles evolved into an appreciation of elegant performance—likely due to years spent living and working around the track in Indianapolis. David formed Auto Mentality when a few “inside joke posts” about Forza Horizon 2 on Facebook led to lots of real cars, a regular audience, and an “auto expert” opportunity with a major broadcaster. Who says playing video games can’t get you anywhere?

Ryan_Morris_Auto_MentalityRyan Morris, Executive Editor
Ryan’s passion for automobiles began at age eight when his father brought home the quintessential sports car for a 48-hour test drive: a Guards Red, 1974 Porsche 911 Targa. With a military salary and two daughters heading to college in a few years, his dad never bought that iconic car. Nevertheless, the car bug bit Ryan hard. When he grew up, he unsurprisingly found himself working in the automotive industry as a journalist and content strategist. It’s only a matter of time until Ryan puts that 911 in his garage.


Ian Bourne, Motorsports Associate Editor

Ian is in his 20’s. The complexities of race strategy and technology excite him more than what would be considered healthy. His undying love for everything fast began when he discovered the almighty car trio, Clarkson, Hammond, and May. We’re convinced he prays to a small photo of Clarkson next to his bed before falling asleep every night. Ian is currently studying journalism at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. In 2016, he bought a 2011 Infiniti G37 IPL and immediately starting stripping weight out of it with hopes of creating his own purpose-built racer someday. By the way, that’s his daily driver. That should tell you everything.

Terran-Ray-InternTerran Ray, Associate Video Editor (a.k.a. Durty South Correspondent)

As a child, Terran’s bedtime stories came from Porsche’s Christophorus Magazine. Also, his Little Tikes™ car had the key from a 944 Turbo. Now, as a young man (to absolutely no one’s surprise), Terran is a Porschephile and German car enthusiast. He is currently studying industrial and systems engineering at Auburn University because he is tired of car companies making confusing infotainment systems without knobs. His daily driver is a Volkswagen GTI, but his car collection includes more than 400 Hot Wheels® which he refuses to get rid of.

Our Mission

We’re mental about cars. If you live with an obsession about everything involving cars, AutoMentality is your fix. So, whether you’re into reviews, car culture, racing, or other forms of automotive-based knowledge and entertainment, we’ve got you covered.

The Rules

We welcome all comments, whether they be positive or negative. Just keep things civil (and funny). So, any comments that are abusive, defamatory, divulge sensitive personal information (like home address, social security numbers, nude pics of your ex…all that type of stuff) will be removed. Also, we’re trying to run a site here where the next generation of mental auto heads can get their fix. While some of our content can be snarky, none of it will be inappropriate for a 16-year-old. We’ll remove posts that involve too strong or too much profanity for our taste. How much is too strong or too much? You don’t want to find out.


Our reviews involve a recipe of editorial guidelines based on facts and opinions. For example, the 2017 Nissan Sentra Nismo has 188 horsepower (fact). Its seats feel like a fuzzy teddy bear procreated with a La-Z-Boy (opinion). Get it?

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